Staff List

Organisation of the School

Berrybrook Primary School is an Academy Primary School with approximately 210 children. We have one Nursery class, one Reception class, two key stage one classes and four key stage two classes.

Early Years

Two’s Provision
2 Year Olds

Nursery Class
3/4 Year Olds

Reception Class
4/5 Year Olds

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Class
5/6 Year Olds

Year 2 Class
6/7 Year Olds

Key Stage Two

Year 3 Class
7/8 Year Olds

Year 4 Class
8/9 Year Olds

Year 5 Class
9/10 Year Olds

Year 6 Class
10/11 Year Olds

Key Staff Members

Head of School – Mr A Smith

Assistant Headteacher – Miss K Penny

Assistant Educational Psychologist – Miss A Meredith

SENCo – Mrs V Tustin

We currently have no staff members working as union officials.