Reading van

We are so proud of our Reading Van. It’s a really special and inquest space for our children to enjoy reading in School!

Inviting and Bright

There was an air of mystery when the van arrived one half term and was put under cover. Children across the school were tasked to produce writing about what it could have been. There was so much anticipation in school as children excitedly awaited to see what was going on under the covered area. Once unveiled, children in Year 5 took part in a Design and Technology project to transform the dilapidated, run-down van into an area that would promote the love of reading. The children were supported by one of our parents to bring their designs to life.
This wonderful facility has had a huge impact on children and their attitude to reading in our school. Children are always excited for their turn to read in the van and are able to develop their reading skills, in an environment that is quiet and allows them to focus.
The reading van has also been a perfect place for children to sit quietly and reflect.