English at Berrybrook


The high-quality English education at Berrybrook will teach pupils to speak, write, listen and read fluently so that they can effectively communicate their ideas and emotions to others. Pupils will build on their previously learnt skills in order for them to participating fully as a member of society.

Berrybrook intend on delivering a curriculum which:

  • allows all pupils to be fully involved in creative and engaging lessons in order for them to reach their full potential;
  • enables pupils to speak clearly and audibly and to take account of their listeners;
  • encourages pupils to listen with concentration, in order to identify the main points of what they have heard;
  • shows pupils how to adapt their speech to a wide range of circumstances and demands;
  • teaches pupils effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal;
  • develops enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers;
  • fosters the enjoyment of writing and a recognition of its value;
  • encourages accurate and meaningful writing;
  • improves the planning, drafting and editing of pupils’ written work
  • is in-line with the National Curriculum;
  • provides links with other curriculum areas and real-life.

Key English Documents


English policy